How to Invest in a Better Website: Preparing Yourself for the Post-Pandemic World

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Whether we talk about the current Covid-19 situation or the world after it’s over, businesses cannot survive without a good website. Therefore, if you haven’t given it a thought, it’s time you do. 

With more and more businesses exploring new ways to reach out to customers, the work’s cut out for those continuously giving a dead ear to the prevailing situation. If you’re one of them, better invest in a good resourceful website; or if you have one already, let’ make it better.

This post is going to help you how you can invest in a better website to prevent any uninvited disaster your business cannot withstand.

Why Invest in a Better Website

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Here are a few good reasons:

Billions of Online Searches

With billions of online users, it’s not surprising to know that Google’s been seeing 63,000 searches every second. In fact, it’s a morale booster for the sufferers of Covid-19.  

It’s obvious that your business website has become a starting point for your introduction. It’s arguably the first place where your potential customers can interact with you.

That alone should be sufficient enough for you to invest in a solid website that offers seamless navigation and a clean aesthetic.

Low-traffic Website

But for those website owners not gaining that much traction, you need to think about upgrading it for better conversion opportunities.

For Anchoring Your Social Media Content

Although there are too many online channels on the internet, asking you for a solid reach-out campaign, the website still holds the key. Like an anchor, it holds all domains of your business and lets you display your content across all those channels strategically.

Therefore, it’s quite crucial for a business website to look as good as you are. Even if it’s a mere branding site, it needs a good design and seamless flow. And why not?

Mature Audience

Internet users, mostly millennials, these days have become mature enough to distinguish between good and time-wasting sites. They can easily make a bad website from a good one, no matter how authentic or beneficial your product is.  

Creating a Good Website

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Let’s find out what you can do to improve a website according to the requirements of the post-pandemic world:

Choose a Reliable Platform

You need a sound platform to create your website. The problem is, there are plenty of them, making it tougher for you to choose the right one. What should you do?

Instead of falling for popularity, choose a platform that’s relevant and more reliable than others. Take Shopify, for instance. It’s an ideal platform for online stores. Shopify offers a plethora of tools to simplify the designing tasks to make it unique. 

This is probably the reason why over 12000 Singapore-based businesses rely on Shopify to sell their products online. That said, if you’re after a customized website, there’s no better option than a full-fledge digital agency such as Media Mojo.

Customized Website

Why would you go for a customized website? We can explain.

  1. It gives you the freedom to add unique features and customer-centric functionalities; no need to do it right away. Instead, implement these changes gradually over time.
  2. You have to address the pandemic at any point in time. If your business is directly affected by the pandemic, you need to update your customers constantly. To do that, you need a customized website. 
  3. Customization in cycles or periodic modifications may help your site cater to the customer needs during and after the pandemic. 
  4. Custom websites (or CMS) usually have access to flexible tools. These help you add more features and improve your functionality when you need them.

Work on Better Traffic Management

Spending patterns tend to change with user behaviors, but ever since the pandemic caused massive business shutdowns and lockdowns all around the world, these patterns have changed drastically. 

Think about a country where 96% of the consumers search for businesses online. These changes are way faster than anywhere else in the world. 

With a pandemic, a massive consumer population has gone online in a matter of weeks. And now, there are pretty low chances they’ll go back to traditional shopping when the pandemic’s gone. 

This shift tested almost every fast-paced business around the world. In fact, 86% of them have reported a $300,000+ average downtime cost per hour.

And that’s the point!

Your website should be able to handle occasional traffic spikes. The last thing you want is a crashing website and sending your visitors to your competitors. 

Of course, it depends on the nature of the business as well, whether or not occasional hikes in traffic are plausible. However, as a business, you need to prepare for any such possibilities. 

This is where digital marketing agencies like Media Mojo come in. 

Investing in more resources for your website is generally a smart decision. In any case, as your business grows, you will have to upgrade to a bigger plan.

Maximize Security

If there was ever a time when web security was a big issue globally, that time is now. Cyber attacks are getting rampant and are sometimes hitting the most surprising targets. 

As far as cyberattacks in Singapore are concerned, there have been a lot too many since 2017. 

  • From healthcare to insurance to private transport companies like Uber, cyber-attacks are everywhere. 
  • More than 95% of businesses in Singapore have reported data breaches between September 2018 and September 2019. 

So, for a website to generate revenue, robust and reliable security is a must-have. 

You need to think of ways to improve your website’s security because customers won’t. If you hire Media Mojo, you’ll be able to address these issues, giving your customers a completely secure environment for online transactions. 

Final Words

So, you’ve learned about the key areas where your website needs investment to be able to cope with the existing and post-pandemic situation. To invest wisely, hire Media Mojo, an experienced digital marketing agency.

We will scrutinize your website, analyzing all the pain points your website may have. Rest assured that we’ll make every dollar you invest worth it.

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