Best SEO Tactics to Rank High on Google

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Covid-19 has given you a fresh slate to start again. If your business was struggling before the pandemic and has somehow survived it, you have another chance to make it. 

In the current geopolitical climate, even the most successful businesses are scrambling to survive. This gives you an equal opportunity to compete with them and perhaps do over what you’ve been doing before.

Why Google Ranking

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For most businesses selling online, Google ranking can be a difference between sky-rocketing sales and high bounce rates. 

So why is Google ranking so important? Here are a few reasons (among many):

Most Visited Website in the World

Google needs no evidence to mark its supremacy. The leading search engine acknowledges more than 92% of online searches made on all search engines. It’s arguably the most visited site in the world. 

The Numero Uno of search engines is all set to provide the latest updates on Covid-19, and whatever is related to it. The purpose isn’t just about keeping people tied up with medical science’s breakthroughs in finding the Golden Vaccine. They also wish to see people connecting to the businesses they’re searching for.

Millions of Searches Every Minute

Of course, with the world virtually sticking to screens, the search engine’s been loaded with search queries from all directions. Do you know how many queries Google receives on average? Almost 40,000 per second, 2.4 million per minute, and 3.5 billion per day. 

So, it’s safe to say, Google is now the key to your survival, especially in the present situation.

Voice Search Era

More and more mobile users have been using voice searches to find local businesses. It’s not far when we see ‘Ok Google’ taking over all internet searches. Voice search is one of the strongest functionalities of Google that every business should be atoned with. 

Once you see the numbers, you don’t need much convincing as to how important Google is. So an important way to land on your feet even after your business has been in rough waters is to improve your Google SERP ranking. 


Google has made significant changes in its SERPs to facilitate consumers and businesses directly or indirectly tied to Covid-19. This COVID-tied SERPs approach by Google is expected to continue even after the Pandemic vanishes.  

We can help you understand how it can work with your website and execute your internet marketing plan according to your requirements.

Why SEO Matters Now

To keep pace with Google, you have to execute a foolproof SEO strategy. In the context of the existing situation and how things have changed with COVID-related information taking the limelight on SERPs, it’s more than obvious that your old SEO strategy needs overhauling.

Here are just a few reasons why your website needs optimization:

  • ‘Coronavirus’ and ‘Covid-19’ are still trending, although not as frequent as before
  • Evergreen content still holds value
  • New search terms added up
  • It gets you qualified leads, beyond traffic goals
  • SEO practices are meant for long-term
  • People are using search engines more than ever before, by using search terms or voice commands

Top 5 SEO Tactics for High Ranking on Google

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Here are the best SEO practices to achieve a high Google ranking:

SEO Audit

You first need to analyze why your website is not ranking high on Google result pages. This detailed audit will help you formulate the right strategy, one that works well in your favor. 

This is not a one-time process, rather a periodical procedure to ensure you’re adopting the best and the latest practices. 

Original Content

Don’t think of it as a practice, but a standard that needs to be maintained no matter what. Your content should be original and simply amazing. That’s the simplest recipe to ranking good, at least as far as your content is concerned. 

High-quality Titles

Google itself recommends using high-quality titles. Title tags can really improve your search ranking, as well as the click-through rate. 

If the title makes sense to the visitors, they are more likely to click it. Your main keyword should be in the title tag, and preferably at the beginning of the content. 

Optimize Loading Speeds

A slow-loading page is a trouble as far as Google is concerned. It’s imperative to improve the loading speed of your page. If it’s taking longer than, say, three seconds, you need to optimize it. 

Google typically doesn’t reveal much about its ranking algorithm, but if they’ve made one thing prominent in their process, it’s page load speeds. 

Rich Media

Make your content media-rich, i.e., it should have a variety of content media. Your blogs should have images and videos. 

Google is aware of the fact that videos are now a preferred medium online, so it will also prefer web pages with videos and images in addition to optimized text.


You can’t control or dictate Google how to run the show. The best way to deal with it is to adapt to the change and wait for the things to happen. All websites right now are in the adaptation phase, and it’s a good opportunity for all those websites that have never been to the first page ever.

By optimizing your website technically and qualitatively, you can improve your Google ranking. For this purpose, Media Mojo, with its experienced SEO experts and keyword analysts, can help you. 

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